Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass of high security produced by bonding PVB (polyvinyl butyral), EVA (EVA (vinyl ester polymer) or SGP interlayer between two or more pieces of glass under high temperature and pressure.

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1. Safety: If laminated glass is broken by impact after installation in buildings, it will still remain in the original frame. Persons inside and outside the buildings will not be hurt by splashing glass fragments.
2. Hurricane and Earthquake Resistance: Even if glass is broken, it will not fall out to the ground. It will stay at the origial place.
3. Explosion and Bullet Resistance: Multilayer laminated glass is produced for different class of bullet/explosion resistance glass.
4. Anti-ultraviolet Radiation: It is very effective in blocking ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. A blocking rate as high as 99% can be achieved.
5. Noise Reduction: PVB film can insulate and absorb sound so as to reduce noise.

Quality Standard

1. The quality of laminated glass conforms to GB15763.3-2009 national standard.
2. The quality of bullet-resisting glass conforms to GB17840-1999 national standard.
3. The laminated glass products conform to the strictest Australian standard AS/NZS 2208-1996 for building safety glass in the world as well as conform to U.S. ANSI Z97.1-2004 and U.K. BS6206:1981.

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1. Thickness: 5mm~60mm
2. Maximum size: 3050﹡6000mm


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