Silk-screening Glass is produced by silk-screening a selected color and pattern onto the surface of the glass, then either tempering or heat strengthening, enabling the enamel to firmly adhere to the glass surface.Suitable to be coated and combined to form laminated, insulating glass etc. But all silk-screening glass products are tempered or heat-strengthened; therefore they cannot be further cut or abraded in any way.Modem designs need opaque, translucent, and special patterned glass for decorative use. Silk-screening Glass has gained more and more popular in architecture, creating unique styles.

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1. A wide range of colors and patterns (can be custom made) with long lasting color without fading and gives outstanding decorative effects. It has good shading because it absorbs and reflects part of the solar heat energy.
2. It becomes safe as the strength is increased after tempering.
3. Can be further integrated into other processing such as coating, laminated glass and insulating glass.


1. Thickness: 3mm~19mm
2. Maximum size: 2200mm﹡3850mm

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We've expanded our selection of architectural metal and glass hardware for the construction of entrances in commerical, retail, and residential buildings. There are over 400 pages of color photos of finished projects, as well as helpful technical data.