GBM About Us


The history of interior design stretches back to ancient times as long as there have been homes to live in, elements of interior design had existed in some extremely rudimentary forms. These forms still exist in the modern world. Nowadays, buildings and their interiors are planned to serve the purposes and styles of human lives. The image and feeling a space create has become crucial for modern architectures. With GBM glass tiles, you are able to fully unleash your imagination, and create the one of a kind.

Started out as a Chinese domestic factory, GBM (Brand Name: DaVinci Mosaic) is now a worldly known glass tile manufacturer based in Shanghai, China where all of our products are manufactured in accordance with internationally accepted quality standards. With over 40 designers all over the world working with us, GBM has gained great insight into the needs of its customers. Unique to our competitors however, GBM’s glass tiles stand out among the majority due to its creativity and advanced technology.

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